Quaterly Section Meeting Minutes

National Association of Corrosion Engineers
Port Harcourt Section

October 10, 2015
Gibsco Hotel , Rumoumasi


Participating in all or part of the meeting were: Sylvanus Okata; Obani, Chika David; Oparaodu, Kingsley; Ndukwe, Linus; Iluonokhalumhe, James; Joseph Ofuase; Jonas Ajoku; Ogunkoya Gbenga; Ekenma Vincent; Okoye, Daniel; Okafor, Franklin; Chris Amaechi; Agha Abani; Ohale, SimonPeter; Sam Mbah; Emeka Ezelue; Okuefuna George; Engr. Ossy Adubasim; Stephen Amahaotu


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Review of the previous MOM, motion for adoption and secondment
  3. Matters arising from the minutes
  4. Technical Presentations
  5. Report from various committees and their members
  6. Feedback from NACE International conference
  7. AOB
  8. Questions & Answer Session & Closing note

Major Points Discussed

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting was read by Okoye, Daniel.  The minutes of meeting was adopted and seconded by Agha Abani and Chris Amaechi respectively.

  2. Matters arising
    1. Ofuase, Christopher told the section that his contact in CAC gave a go ahead for our registration

    2. The section asked that the cost implications for the registration should be brought forward.

    3. An identified show stopper is the election of new officials.

    4. Ajoku Jonas asked that the registrations should take place before the end of this month.

    5. The funds for the donations from BG Technical Services were asked by Agha Abani, which Sylvanus Okata said it would be confirmed. The section asked that the follow-up be done by the secretary of the section via mail to the sponsor of the donation within the next two weeks.

    6. Ajoku Jonas would provide the section with the E-mail address of BG Technical Services.

  3. There were no presentations. The section registered their displeasure towards Engr. Edomobi’s absence from the meeting and hence his failure to deliver the presentation.
  4.  Agreements / Discussions

    1. Christopher Ofuase was made the chairman of the Registration and Website Committee by the section with Okafor, Franklin staying on as Secretary.

    2. Agha Abani was made the Acting Chairman for the Technical Committee. He suggested that modes for generating finances for the committee should be proposed.

    3. It was decided by the section that members of committees who remain inactive shall be dropped by the end of the year.

    4. Agha Abani suggested that the section should create collaboration with companies and have them work with only registered members of the section which would contribute to membership growth. Ofuase Christopher supported the suggestion but said that can only be done when the section is fully organized.

    5. Ohia Chibueze suggested that technical presentations be made a tool for membership drive.

  5. Elections
    1. Okata Sylvanus asked that the list of officers have to be populated to be able to report back to the International body.

    2. Agha Abani and Ogunkoya Gbenga Moved the motion for Okata remaining as Chairman of the section.

    3. The section nominated a new leadership to run her till second quarter of next year.


  • New comers were welcomed and appreciated by the section.
  • Okoye Daniel called on the section to pick up pace in her activities, that Lagos a sister association which was newly formed is already picking up recognition globally.
  • NACE international conference would be taking place by March, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.
  • The motion for the adjournment for the meeting was raised by  and seconded by Okata Sylvanus.


Largest gathering of corrosion engineers in Nigeria coming soon...
Watch this space!

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