Protective Coatings Specialist

PCS 1 – Basic Principles

The PCS 1 Basic Principles provides an introduction of coatings and linings used to control corrosion as well as the economic benefits of managing them. This course defines and examines common coatings used for corrosion control and addresses when, how and why they should be used

Who Should Attend?

  • Planning, engineering and supervisory level personnel responsible for industrial coatings and linings who are new to the field or position
  • Specifiers, maintenance and project engineers in all industries
  • Marketing representatives of coatings materials or equipment
  • Unit managers involved in corrosion

Note: Those students who hold a NACE CIP 1 certification or similar certification from SSPC or Frosio should plan on treating this course as a complete review of previously covered material


No prior training is required.

PCS 2 – Advanced

The PCS 2 Advanced provides advanced-level technology topics related to protective coatings.

Who Should Attend?

Planning, engineering, supervisory or technical personnel who regularly work with protective coatings and linings.


No prior training is required, but completion of CIP Level 1 or PCS 1 Basic Principles is recommended.




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