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The world's most recognised and specified coating inspector programme. The CIP programme trains coating professionals to properly inspect the surface preparation and application of a protective coating system on a variety of structures in any industry. For more information please visit:

CIP Level 1

CIP Level 1 is a six-day course that offers a full 60 hours of instruction on the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work for structural steel projects. This course provides students with knowledge of coating materials and techniques for surface preparation and application that prepares the student to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and inspection instrumentation.

Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures, discussions, group exercises and hands-on practical labs that teach the student how to perform basic inspection tests. A written exam, practical exam, and inspector log book evaluation are given at the end of the course.

Certification Awarded: Upon successful completion of the course and exam, the student will be certified as a NACE Certified Coating Inspector - Level 1.

Who Should Attend?

This course will benefit anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of coatings application and inspection including:

    • Project engineers
    • Quality assurance managers
    • Contractors
    • Technical sales representatives
    • Blasters
    • Paint applicators
    • Maintenance personnel


There are no prerequisites for this course. 

CIP Level 2

CIP Level 2 is a six-day course that focuses on advanced inspection techniques and specialized application methods for both steel and non-steel substrates, including concrete. The course provides in-depth coverage of:

    • Surface preparation
    • Coating types
    • Inspection criteria
    • Lab testing
    • Failure modes for various coatings, including specialized coatings and linings

Certification Awarded: Upon successful completion of the course and exams, the student will be recognized as a NACE Certified Coating Inspector – Level 2.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is interested in increasing his or her coating inspection knowledge, or wants to become NACE Coating Inspector Level 2–Certified, should attend this course.


Must have current NACE CIP Level 1 certification.

CIP Level 3 (Peer Review)

CIP Level 3 Peer Review is an intensive, detailed oral examination that is given in front of a three-member review board and lasts approximately two hours. There is no corresponding coursework for CIP Level 3, only an oral assessment.


Students who have successfully completed CIP Level 2 and have two years of verifiable coatings-related work experience may register for the Peer Review. Work Experience documentation forms must be submitted to NACE via fax at 281-228-6344 or via e-mail toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 60 days prior to the Peer Review. These forms are located in the CIP Student Manuals.
A photo ID will be required when attending Peer Review.

Course Schedule

CIP courses are delivered by Transocean Anti-Corrosion Limited on behalf of NACE International.
The CIP Course schedule is available at:



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